Bad Faith, Hurricanes, Claims and Insurance Companies Behaving Badly

“Bad Faith” is the legal term for the behavior of insurance companies who do not deal with your claim in a fair and timely manner.

Insurance companies acting in bad faith is a bad way to begin the New Year.  However, the storms of 2017 certainly set the stage or provided excuses for the bad faith behavior we are still seeing at the dawn of 2018.  Metts Legal continues to champion victims in their insurance claim disputes.

Many Insurance Companies Are In Bad Faith with 2017 Hurricane Storm Victims.

Is Your Storm Claim Being handled Fairly?

Bad Faith insurance companies might refuse to pay claims. Bad faith also includes companies who take inordinate amounts of time to pay just claims.  Likewise, bad faith behavior is typically manifested by companies which simply do not conduct appropriate investigations of victim’s claims.

Such are the behaviors of insurance companies who refuse to act in good faith toward their policy holders.  And by the way, the law actually demands that these companies act in good faith.  You know what that means.  It means dealing with victims in a just, reasonable and timely manner.

Acting in Bad Faith versus Acting in Good Faith

Currently, the spotlight is on bad faith behaviors of insurance companies who specialize in home storm damage.  Metts Legal explains, although Insurance Bad Faith can occur in car accidents or health issues.  However, it is with home storm damage that we have seen the most violations recently.

You guessed it:  the victims of Harvey, Irma, Maria and even as far back in time as Katrina, have witnessed bad behavior from many of their trusted homeowners’ companies.

If Your Insurance Company Exhibits Bad Faith, Find Recourse in the Law

You have the right of legal remedies to recover money owed by Bad Faith Insurance Companies

You Do Have The Right To Seek Justice From Bad Faith Insurance Companies.

At Metts Legal, we continue to field calls regarding Irma’s storm damage.  And we are surprised that some victims do not know their rights.  Do you realize that any individuals, including policy holders, have the right to create a civil action against insurance companies which act in bad faith?  With representation such as Metts Legal, you can bring suit against an insurance company if you suffer damage due to an insurance company’s behavior.

Remember, you have legal recourse when good insurance companies behave badly.  On the one hand, we are not maligning the good names of insurance companies who settled with homeowners after Irma, in amounts that were fair, expedient, and equitable. 

On the other hand, we are adept at championing victims in insurance disputes.

We delight in exposing the insurance companies who looked at sadly crushed homes, drowned furniture and desperate faces.  But, some rushed and unethical appraisers abandoned their policyholders to save money for the company.  We call them Insurance Companies Gone Wild.  Unfortunately, the title might sound like clever reality television.  But, the reality is ugly.

Here’s the truth, at the bottom of your case:

1.   An insurance policy is actually and at the most basic level, a contract between two parties.  In the cases involving damage from Irma, this means a policy holder and a home insurance company.

2.   If the terms of a policy are not met, either party can sue.  As a policy holder, you pay your claims, right? So the obligation of the company is to pay out just and timely settlements.  We know this is not happening for some victims.  And we champion your right to dispute the company’s behavior.

3.   You see, when an insurance company does not fulfill its contractual obligations, you can sue for breach of contract.

Report Cards for Insurance Companies–Bad Faith Behavior Includes:

Some of the ways insurance companies have failed storm victims, especially Irma and Maria victims include:

Failure to investigate a claim in a proper and reasonable manner

Withholding benefits without cause

Delaying payment of claims for unreasonable length of time

Denying coverage

Denying payment on claims

At Metts Legal we know “2017 was an expense-ridden year for insurance companies, notwithstanding Hurricane Irma insurance claims.”

Mett Legal can help protect you from Bad Faith Insurance Companies.

Your Recourse to Justice and Bad Faith Insurance Companies: Metts Legal.

As advocates for homeowners, Metts Legal is concerned that some companies are putting their financial interests ahead of the expenses of policyholders.

Are some companies,  adjusters are deliberately educated to bring in claims for the least dollar amounts for victims?  We realize payouts have jumped 21% since the hurricanes and wild fires of 2017, but don’t companies still need to act in policy-holder’s best interest?  They do. It’s a legal fact.

Remember you have the right to good legal advice.  Plus, under Florida law, if your claim of bad faith is successful, you could recoup your court costs.

Bad Faith is such an important concept that Metts Legal has dedicated a nice summary page including more details about types of bad faith behavior.  You can legally fight a company that does not properly settle a righteous claim.  Check it out, and if you need a champion, remember, Metts Legal is in your corner.

Thank you for reading the blog at Metts Legal.  We hope you look forward to our next blog, which will bring you specific elements of a bad faith complaint.

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