know the defensive measures agains fraud after a storm.

Fraud and Scams Flourish in Florida after Irma

Metts Legal is helping fight fraud and scams in the wake of Irma’s Damage.  We are spreading the word to clients and friends concerning the con artists who are taking advantage of homeowners who have already been battered and bruised. Fraud always follows every hurricane with a whirlwind group of fraudulent insurance, construction and clean-up

Claims are part of the aftermath of any hurrican. Irma is no exception.

Claims for Hurricane Damage, Your Insurance, and the Law

Claims from Hurricane Irma’s devastation are rushing into insurance companies and piling up as Floridians return to their property to salvage their homes and rebuild their interrupted lives.  Before we discuss the issues of claims and personal property losses, we would be remiss if we did not express our sadness at the loss of human

Legislation could complicate victim's paperwork.

Legislation: Hailstorm Law Prods Hurricane Harvey’s Victims

Texas legislation might harm the victims of hurricane Hurricane Harvey. So this week Metts Legal Blog turns its spotlight on a new law, insurance companies and storm victims. First, Metts Legal sends our heartfelt prayers and hope-filled wishes to the survivors and families who buried family members in the wake Hurricane Harvey’s epic weather event

Strict Liability, a Key to Florida Law On Product Liability

Strict Liability is a major term for liability cases in Florida.  Not every state has this law, but it’s a very important issue in Florida.  Because Florida has this law of strict liability, people who have been hurt by defective products often focus their claims on this important legal theory. The stores have been swarming

Metts Legal in Orlando sees good manufacturers fixing products to avoid injury and lawsuits.

Poison Powder and Points of Law Heat up Summer 2017

When we buy a product, we expect it to perform properly.  Personal hygiene products should not poison, maim, cut, burn, irritate or cause cancer.  But when they do, as in today’s case of poison powder, a special section of personal injury laws protect you.  Product liability law gives you legal recourse for your injury, pain

Rightful laws are there for you if you suffer a wrongful death.

Rightful Damages in a Wrongful Death

Rightful settlements and awards in cases of Wrongful Death are hot topics right now.  This is because of not one, but two celebrity cases that have been in trending conversations and recent news: In Today’s Public Eye:  Venus Williams …On the one hand we are watching the legal battles brewing as Linda Barson pursues her

Wrongful Death Cries Out For Justice

Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Fascinating Florida Points of Law

In cases of “wrongful death,” we know nothing can replace the person you have lost through someone’s negligence.  But the law can help you by easing financial and legal burdens through a wrongful death lawsuit. In keeping with this featured topic, there is a wrongful death lawsuit currently in the news.  Here at Metts Legal,

Safety First! July Fourth, and a Wrongful Death Suit

Let’s make this July Fourth, the “Safety First” July Fourth!  Independence Day is the Holiday for Family, Friends, Fun and Fireworks!  There could not be a better time for enjoying picnics, parties and cook-outs.  Florida abounds with civic events and parades.  Wonderful community festivities, bands and dazzling fireworks displays await the public.  Therefore, it is