Legal Limits of Awards for Pain and Suffering

Legal Decisions, Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

Legal decisions, especially those by higher courts can seem dry and dull when they become news announcements.  A legal ruling might support, in Superman’s words, “truth, justice and the American Way.”  However, sometimes we can only see those abstract values after we read beneath the formal, legal arguments, law briefs and verdicts. (Yes, it’s a

Medical Malpractice Caps Overturned in Florida.

Medical Malpractice: 2003 Limits Are Now Unconstitutional!

Medical Malpractice cases in Florida claimed the legal spotlight last week.  The Florida Supreme Court ruled on an important dispute.  Their new decision will make major legal impacts on medical malpractice suits in our state.  Their ruling could change your life forever.  This is true if you became a patient and your doctor hurts due to

Safety Alert: Airbag Danger Continues After Recall!

We at Metts Legal will often post special Metts’ Safety Alerts if we see that people are in danger of personal injury due to faulty products which have mandated settlements.  We often become aware of these dangers through our research of various court cases. We especially keep a watchful eye on cases reporting a personal

Symbolic Hands Represent Memorial Day Feelings

Memorial Day: Metts Legal Makes It Memorial Week!

Memorial Day is this coming Monday!  Hundreds of thousands of flowers, wreaths and flags will adorn the graves of our military men and women who died to protect American freedom.  For this reason, we interrupt our typical blogging topics relating to personal injury law, and bring you our thoughts on Memorial Day 2017. Memorial Day: 

Insurance Claims: Six Tips for Protection from Settlement Perils

Insurance claims can be almost as mysterious as the storms and flames that cause them.  Metts Legal champions your cause when catastrophies happen. We know the laws that bridge gaps between the policy holder and the insurance company when disputes arise. Let’s start at the beginning:  Mankind has made mighty strides in controlling his environment.  Strong

The Letter of Demand Requires Careful Thought

The Demand Letter: Homework for Your Claim and Compensation

The Letter of Demand is one of the first important legal documents in gaining compensation if you are hit by a careless automobile driver.  In our previous blog we interrupted our current topic of personal injury claims, to bring you breaking news.  Here at Derek Metts Legal, we are committed to following up on any breaking

In Florida, you have 14 days to file a claim against another driver at fault in your car crash.

Damages 101: Florida’s Car Accident Compensation Laws

What types of Damages could you claim if you had a car accident in Florida?  Would you know what types of compensation laws were on your side?  Would you understand what first steps you should take legally after a car accident?  Could you calculate the Special Damages and General Damages you might consider to be

Car accidents in Florida have strict rules fore timely reports.

Car Accidents in Florida: Trauma And Your Timeline

According to the DMV, there are an estimated 646 Car Accidents per day in Florida.  This makes car accidents common ways to encounter personal injuries, settlements and suits.  We hope this scary statistical average will motivate you to know what to do if you have a car accident in Florida. Car Accidents:  The Moments After