Gratitude Creates Attorney’s Attitude for Thanksgiving 2017 and All Year Long

Gratitude is the Attitude around our office today.  In fact, we are quite often in a thankful attitude. However, at Thanksgiving it seems most appropriate to acknowledge our thanks publicly.

Every year we search to find words that bring appropriate warm spirit of genuine gratitude to this Thanksgiving Greeting for our readers and friends. This year we turned to some historical and literary writers to help us organize and elevate our thoughts of gratitude and Thanksgiving.

A Cornucopia of Gratitude Quotations for the Season

William Arthur Ward, wrote about the  sentiment of gratitude  when he stated these words:

Gratitude changes everything.

Gratitude is our attitude, not only at Thanksgiving, but every day.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Ward was an extraordinary philosopher, teacher and writer of witty maxims. He lived from 1921 to 1994, and left us many wise mantras that are still modern and applicable to the contemporary world.

In the spirit of his quote above, we wrap our gratitude in blog words today. We authentically hope you will accept them as our humble Thanksgiving gift.  So instead of trending shiny new legal news, Metts Legal takes a moment to count and share some of their blessings today.

Gratitude for the Work We Do

It’s the perfect time for Attorney Derek Metts and his staff to express thanks to friends, clients, colleagues and staff for their loyalty and tireless dedication over the course of this past year. Of warm friendship and support.

Although, as you know, we have been in the midst of cases, settlements and lawsuits, we feel blessed to be working with so many thankful people in the course of the 2017.

We have been blessed with the legal power to help some people heal their hearts, their minds and their bodies.  Many of them are just beginning on their journey to restore health physically and financially since Irma, Harvey or Maria wreaked havoc on their world.

Gratitude for the People We Know, and their Courage

For both desperate claimants and their counterparts, the strained insurance companies, Elizabeth Bibesco captured the perfect emotional feeling in her words. She wrote, “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”

Thus, her Thanksgiving verse seems quite appropriate to the situation of families whose homes blew away or flooded in the recent Hurricane Season.. In fact, the words seem remarkably applicable to our mission of settling cases between insurance companies and their policy holders.

Gratitude for the Law, the Land, and Our Blessings

Here at Metts Legal, we fill this blog with our thanks to you for being our clien

Gratitude comes as naturally as turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Gratitude is due when a turkey cooks up this perfectly.

ts, our friends and our blog readers.

Our goal today is very simple: We wish you a harvest of gratitude and a bounty of appreciation in the coming days of the holiday and throughout the new year.  We turn to the words of Ray Stannard Baker, a law-student who transformed himself into a journalist.

He wrote about the poverty and injustice of the early 20th century.  He stated, “It is impossible to acknowledge the spirit of our gratitude without acknowledging the power of Heaven.”

He summarized the feeling beautifully for us, as he added, “Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and the simple life… a true folk-festival that speaks the poetry of the turn of the seasons, the beauty of seed-time and harvest, the ripe product of the year — and the deep, deep connection of all these things with God.”

First:   Gratitude for Our Country and Our Law

At this time of Thanksgiving, let us take a moment to acknowledge  our gratitude for life in the United States. Thanksgiving is, we believe, a

heartfelt celebration of our Country and the Constitutional laws that make it great. It is almost equal with the festival of Independence Day for its sense of American history, its broad appeal and it’s authentic inclusion of friends and family in the celebration.

We can not help but bask in the glow of  our Thanksgiving Traditions:  Family, Food and Football.

However, deeper than that powerful threesome is our heartfelt but too seldom expressed gratitude for our Rights.

Flowers, Pumpkins and Gratitude: Our finest Thanksgiving Centerpiece is our Freedom

America is known as the Land of the Free.  Celebrating we pause in our busy schedule to celebrate those freedoms often taken for granted, freedom of speech.

No, we are not blatant about the celebration of freedom or rights in quite the way we are for Independence Day, but the rights are there–directly at the heart of the celebration:

Gratitude for the USA, with flag, pen and US Constitution displayed.

A Thanksgiving for the USA: US constitution, scales of justice on american flag. Quill pen and ink await the grateful signing.

  1.  “…freedom to worship as we see fit…”The traditional Thanksgiving Church Services give many families the chance to exercise freedom of religion.
  2.  “…freedom to assemble and…”Outspoken demonstrations of every type prove that American citizens realize they have the right to congregate.
  3. “… the freedom to bear arms…”AND families have not bought all of the Thanksgiving turkeys from grocery stores. Some of them are the direct result of hunting season and the controversial right to carry guns.

Thus, we celebrate all these implied blessings, laws, responsibilities and more, as part of Metts Legal Thanksgiving in the United States of America.

Second:  We are thankful for The Blessing of Opportunities in this Country

_With this holiday, we also thank America for providing us with amazing opportunities. Likewise we are thankful for the laws that protect those opportunities.

Third:  From the Metts Legal Family to You and Your family.

We Wish you, friends, clients, blog readers and colleagues—and yes, even our adversaries–an abundance of gratitude and love from the people in your lives.

Thank you, Friends. We appreciate you.  Thank you for your loyalty and support, and Best Wishes for a Blessed, Healthy, and Happy Thanksgiving! It was Zig Zigler who said, “Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life changing.”

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