When a natural disaster hits, you need to know that you have a plan set in place that will sufficiently allow you and your family to recover from the damaging aftermath of a hurricane, water loss, etc. The most common way to do this is by establishing an insurance policy that will allow you to recuperate after the fact; something such as first party insurance, for example. This is a type of insurance policy in which the insured individual (referred to as the first party) is protected in the way of financial payments by their insurer (referred to as the second party). In theory, first party insurance can be used in the event of an unexpected accident, a serious injury, or a natural disaster. It can be applied to cases in which damages and injuries were caused by the first party or by someone else (referred to as the third party).

Unfortunately, obtaining this type of insurance is not always enough to fully protect you in the wake of an accident or catastrophic event. Insurance companies are notorious for practicing bad-faith behaviors; behaviors such as denying insured individuals the compensation they need after an accident or delaying payment to a policy holder in need. You may have taken the appropriate steps to insure yourself in the event of a disaster, but your insurance company may be less than willing to make good on the claim you filed. When insurance claims are not upheld to the standard they should be, you are rightfully entitled to take legal action. Metts Legal, P.A. will actively work to make sure your insurance company is held to the standards it should be. When legal counsel is on your side, an insurance company will be hard pressed to argue their reasoning for denial or late payout of your claim.

An insurance policy is a contract between two parties; if its terms are not met, either party can sue. When an insurance company does not fulfill contractual obligations, the insured party can sue for breach of contract.

Just because you have paid for insurance doesn’t mean you can expect to have your claim paid in full. Insurance companies are more concerned with profits than with helping their policy holders, and will do everything in their power to minimize or deny claim payments. Insurance law can be complicated, and the amount of information and documentation required to prove a claim has been unfairly denied can be overwhelming. Insurance companies play games with their policy holders, hoping stalling tactics and legal run-around will coerce individuals into settling, if for no other reason than to end their insurance battles.

Metts Legal, P.A. deals with insurance companies on a daily basis in a variety of situations, and understands what it takes to assist a policy holder in seeking fair payment of covered damages. Metts Legal, P.A. has successfully handled many first-party insurance claims, from fire damage to losses incurred by hurricanes.  If you or a loved one has had a covered claim wrongfully denied by your insurer, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you are a policy holder of first party insurance, then you have already taken the appropriate measures necessary to protect yourself in the wake of an accident. Now, it is up to your legal counsel to ensure that your insurance claim is not only recognized by your insurance company, but made good on as well. Disputes that arise between a policyholder and an insurer often concern matters that relate back to the accurate documentation of the accident and injury. You don’t want to lose your entitlement to recover funds because an adjustor failed to correctly document your losses and the details of your case. Therefore, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side to prevent this from happening.

At Metts Legal, P.A., no matter the type of insurance claim that you are facing, Metts Legal, P.A. is prepared to take on all of the nuances of your insurance claims case. Metts Legal, P.A. is available seven days a week to do so.