New Year Trends, Wishes and Warnings for a New Year of Life, Luck and the Law

New Year wishes and warnings are winging your way.  Metts Legal submits a wish of joy, hope and beautiful moments for 2018—and maybe a warning or two.

New Year, New Luck, Love and Life! 

Best Wishes for the New Year.

New Year Wishes for 2018

So, to friends, supporters, colleagues and blog readers, here comes the Metts Legal Platinum wish of good fortune, good fun and good finances for 2018.  On a serious note, This is a time when new horizons unfold. We hope 2018 will reveal new dreams for you. Likewise, perhaps the next 365 days will bring challenges that will help you rediscover faith. Likewise,  the New Year could redefine your strength.

Thus, we hereby decree that 2018 bring you shining new opportunities and vistas paved with the warmth of success for you and your family. 

We Wish You a New Year Packed with More than Financial Good Wishes

Although prosperity and good fortune are the traditional wishes for a good New Year greeting, our wishes for you go deeper than putting gold in your pockets.

We especially want you to have a greater gift:  The Gift of Time.  We hope 2018 brings you time for reflection, remembrance and recognition.  In the words of Neil Gaiman, we wish, “May your coming New Year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness…”   We at Metts Legal hope you have time to “read some fine books.” Perhaps you could listen to them.  Metts Legal directs you to find time in 2018 to enhance your mind with all kinds of media and cinema.   

We Wish You Love, Luck and Law

Naturally, our second wish for you includes the gold of affection.  And we add Gaiman’s continuing words, hoping you will “kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful…” 

We add, “What valuable gifts of time are the kisses shared with a significant other, a grandchild or an old friend!”  Then, Gaiman adds a bit of advice to his New Year wish.  We started to omit it, but then realized it has an important place in every life.  (We know you just don’t think of lawyers as having concern for your artistic growth.) 

New Resolutions

Resolutions for Family and personal time in 2018 (Note: photo is comprised of models, symbolic of  a universal family, not clients of Metts Legal…)

Gaiman inspires, as he reminds us to take some time for art in 2018.  He states, “…don’t forget to make some art–write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.” We have decided that the law is not just a cold book; it is an art.

Then we realized that there is a special art or talent in every heart we know.

And so we hope 2018 brings you some time to be creative.  Explore the art in your heart by cooking, traveling, fishing.  For 2018, we have decided the art of living resides in such activities as conversing over coffee or walking in your neighborhood.

In 2018, let’s personalize and individualize the arts, making them more than painting, music or sculpture. 

Your  2018 Guide to Personal Injury Law in the New Year

Our art is the interpretation and practice of the law. We invest our whole heart into helping you when someone has caused you injury through carelessness or neglect. In the New Year, trust that we will continue our legal, business and blogging pledge to bring you the 2018 legal news and information.

Part of the Metts Legal Promise involves helping you face the challenges and untangle the mysteries of your legal world.  And no doubt 2018 will present us with new challenges for our legal lives.

Helping people every day with legal advice:  That’s our kind of golden gift, and our kind of art.  

Wishing You Caution as You Begin Beautiful Moments in the New Year

As we promised, we join the Florida Bar in passing on a warning for caution in the Next year.  Watch out as you send out your New Year’s messages and wrap up your holiday shopping bills.  Malware and Phishing scams are causing us some alarm as criminals intensify their efforts to invade your private accounts or steal your identity.  This indeed is one of the newest ways criminals cause you personal injury.

Warnings in Your New Year of Winter Wonderland

The Department of Homeland Security reminds you to browse and shop with caution.  Did you know that harmless holiday email could contain a malicious link?  Lurking within that little E-card from an unknown source could be a piece of insidious malware like these three:  GratefulPOS, Emotet, and Zeus Panda, which “have sprung to life with new active campaigns.” 

“Fake advertisements or shipping notifications may deliver attachments infected with malware.  Spoofed email messages and phony posts on social networking sites may request support for fraudulent causes.” 

New Year, Special Protection Protocols 

Check out the top three ways to protect yourself from cyber-criminals of 2017-1018:

New Beginnings

Leap into 2018 with Joy and Hope.

1.     Choose vendors with good reputations.

2.     Our experts say, (“Attackers may obtain a site certificate for a malicious website to appear more authentic, so review the certificate information, particularly the “issued to” information.  Locate and note phone numbers and physical addresses of vendors in case there is a problem with your transaction or your bill.”)

 3.    A Hearty Serving of Encryption, please!

“Many sites use secure sockets layer (SSL) to encrypt information.  Indications that your information will be encrypted include a URL that begins with “https:” instead of “http:” Metts Legal reminds you to look for a padlock icon.  Check it, and note that if the padlock is closed, the information is encrypted.

4.   Do Not Open! 

Be careful about opening new Emails that request information – Attackers may attempt to gather information by sending emails requesting that you confirm purchase or account information.

Our first blog of the New Year 2018 will bring you more information on this issue.  In fact, we have lots of new information for you in January, including new personal injury cases, and legal issues ahead of us in the New Year.

Until then, join Metts Legal as we relax, refresh and rejuvenate while watching the old year retire!  

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