Personal Injury Law: We Are Your Champions In Orlando!

Personal Injury Law is one of the many legal topics you will find on this blog of the new website for Metts Legal.  Every 7-10 days, we will post our articles and tips to help you navigate the sometimes stormy ocean of Personal Injury Law. 

To become better acquainted, Derek Metts, founder of Metts Legal, and his staff, invite you to take a look at the various pages of our website.  You’ll find out that Metts Legal is here to legally represent Central Florida “clients through some of the most difficult times of their lives.”  These are times they need the protection of Personal Injury Law. 

Personal Injury Law and You

Our expertise embraces three major legal areas: Personal Injury, Insurance Disputes and Commercial Litigation. Find out more about these legal areas at the introductory online resource on the “Who We Are Pa

Metts Legal Brings You Personal Injury Law and Settlement Expertise.

Protection For You At A Difficult Time: Personal Injury Law

ge of this Website.” 

You see, at Metts Legal, we think of ourselves as victim’s advocates. 

  • If you have been bitten by a dog or fallen on an unsafe walkway, we are here for you.
  • When an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim, we are in your corner.
  • When a business partner commits a breach of contract we are committed to you.
  • If you have had an accident with your car, your bike, a bus, a truck or a motorcycle, or suffered a wrongful death in your family, we are your champions. 

Personal Injury Law:  To Sue or Not To Sue

As you might expect by some of the above examples, we are authorities in personal injury law.  (See more information on each of these categories on our “Practice Areas” page.)

Voluntary Settlement, Negotiation or Law Suit Demaned By Accident.

Personal Injury Law Protects Victims Injured By Another’s Careless Behavior.(DRAMATIZATION, NOT ACTUAL EVENT) 

Each of our clients is unique.  And every personal injury accident presents a macrocosm of individualized details.  When Personal Injury strikes,  Metts Legal pledges to protect your rights as an injured party.

Basically, a grievous or permanently disabling case will be pursued down one of two paths: 

  • We might negotiate a full and fair settlement in spite of reluctant insurance representatives and doctors.  
  • We might need to take your case to court.

Personal Injury:  Let’s Get Specific About Car Wrecks

One of the major reasons the phones ring in Metts Legal office is a car accident.  In short but legal terms, you need to know, that when a car wreck occurs, the rules of Personal Injury law are engaged under certain circumstances: 

1.    There is a person behind the wheel of a car who acts in “a negligent manner…”

2.    That individual’s carelessness results in “harm to another person.” 

According to the online source, Accidents in U.S., there were 15,985 accidents in the U.S. in 2016. There have already been 3,052 accidents in 2017.  And the year is barely into its third month.  Some accidents are minor.  Some are settled directly and voluntarily with the insurance company.  However, if you sustain a terrible injury, you will need legal counseling to obtain lifetime compensation you might need. 

Know When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

So, when injuries are grave, and insurance companies are a little bit greedy, accident victims must turn to an experienced personal injury lawyer.  You need expertise, like the knowledge and experience of the founder and lead trial lawyer of Metts Legal, Derek Metts.  

Caution: Making Decisions in Your Personal Injury Law Case

When injury or handicap is serious, you will face a huge decision.  Should you personally settle your claim with the insurance company without even filing a lawsuit or going to trial? 

Voluntary settlement agreement will obviously save you time and money.  Or perhaps you fear the stress or the time involved in a trial or a lengthy court battle. 

At Metts Legal, we urge you to consult legal representation from a lawyer before you proceed in the direction of either settlement negotiation or court.  Even if you believe you will probably reach a fair settlement, you need a lawyer who understands legal strategy and the laws of our state.  For example, you will probably need legal advice before you can even determine the value of going through a settlement battle or a court trial.

Can Pain Have a Price tag? 

Metts Legal helps our clients determine the value of damages for which only money can compensate, and the pain no money can buy.

Personal Injury Law can protect you from an insurance company's strategies .

We help you cope with insurance strategies. (DRAMATIZATION, NOT ACTUAL EVENT.) 

If you have been severely injured, you may harbor an underlying feeling that money cannot make up for your suffering and stress. However, money is the language spoken by insurance companies, and we are fluent in that language. Likewise, we are experienced in the strategies insurance companies use to settle your claims with a minimum of their expense.

And remember, your injury might affect every aspect of your life in the future. Compensation could be key to your survival. 

In our next blog, we will inform you of the First Four Steps, to proceed with your settlement.  You will learn about: 

1.    Gathering Special Medical Testimony…

2.    Calculations for Economic Damages.  This can be measured in dollars and cents, like medical bills…

3.    Estimation of General Damages. Some can be very hard to evaluate in terms of money—like pain and suffering…

4.    Adjustment of the Value of Your Claim…

Thank you for reading the first Metts Legal Blog on our New Website.

Remember.  When you are the victim of serious injury, our first consideration is your health.  Get Well.  We’ll do the rest.  We are your champions.

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