Buses are large, heavy and generally safe. But accidents do happen — some of them are avoidable and should have been avoided. Buses and other public conveyances must be safely operated and maintained to prevent injury to riders. All operators should be properly trained. Regardless of how many thousands of passengers use public transportation systems, municipalities are held to a high standard of care and may be held liable when injuries occur.

In addition, tracks, cars, brakes, and areas of bus stations such as escalators and turn styles must be maintained. Cities and counties operating transit systems are also expected to provide lighting to avoid assaults and robberies. Just as on any premises, dangers of slipping and falling, or tripping over objects, must be either clearly marked or eliminated.

Further, crashes have occurred due to operators texting, and mere carelessness. Closing doors have resulted in shoulder, hand and other injuries. Sudden stops have caused passengers to fall or slam into walls.

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