Safety Alert: Airbag Danger Continues After Recall!

We at Metts Legal will often post special Metts’ Safety Alerts if we see that people are in danger of personal injury due to faulty products which have mandated settlements.  We often become aware of these dangers through our research of various court cases.

If Your Airbag is Faulty, Your Life Could Be At Risk.

Airbag Warning! Your Safety is in Danger.

We especially keep a watchful eye on cases reporting a personal injury from devices that are designed for our health and safety.  Personal injury cases that result from failure of safety devices are especially heart-breaking.  Fire-alarms, seat-belts, heart valves, and pelvic mesh:  all of these devices caused massive injury and death.  And yet, we understand accidents happen in manufacturing. And that’s exactly how Takata manufacturing company installed 28 million defective airbags in 24 million cars.

Safety News: A Special Concern at Metts Legal

Safety First! Check Recall List For Unsafe Airbags.

Know If Your Cars’ Airbag Could Explode.

Defective equipment inflicts from moderate to critical damage on people like you and me every day.  Sadly, we often don’t see massive media coverage of these dangers.  They might produce a flurry of announcements in the first days of settlements and recalls.

Such are the cases involving injuries from defective airbags, manufactured by Takata.  Recalls of 28 million of these bags range from cars built in 2003-2017.  Companies such as Buick, Ford, Subaru, Honda, Volvo, Nissan, and GM, and dozens more bought and installed airbags in good faith.  But, the Takata airbags have a problem: The inflators explode, sending pieces of sharp metal into drivers or passengers.

Case In Point:  Airbags Gone Bad

Today Metts Legal views this blog as a public service message.  Metts Legal urges you to see if your car is on the official recall list.  Please, go to the Safecar online resource and use the recall look-up tool.  We do not mean to alarm you unnecessarily, but your life or the life of someone you love might be at risk.

Case 1:  The Deadly Safety Device and Ignoring Advice

Reporter Kyle Campbell recently reported in the New York News that Huma Hanif’s airbag inflator exploded during a low impact auto incident.  The airbag inflators malfunctioned and launched pieces of metal into her neck.  She died of blood loss.  She became the 11th person to die from the deadly defective safety device.  Sadly, her parents testified that they had received notices from the car manufacturer about the safety recall.  But, like so many of us, neglected to follow up on the recall.

Case 2: Deadly Devices Disguised as Used Auto Parts

Just when you begin to think the deadly devices are beginning to be controlled with recall and replacement, you realize the vast number of pre-owned cars in the world.  Then you realize that the used car market, e-bay, Craig’s list and other used auto parts dealers have had their inventory infected with these airbags.

Second-Hand Trouble

Safety Always.

Update Your Knowledge of Safety Recalls.

Up until recently, there has been nothing intrinsically wrong with taking an airbag from an otherwise disabled car and putting it in another one.  An owner repairs and sells the pre-owned car.  But sadly, new owners of used cars do not always do the extra homework to discover recalls.  The owner of the second-hand car might even be unaware the airbag came from another model car other than the one they bought.  Such was the case for Karina Dorado of Las Vegas.  The seller had repaired her car with a used part.  He used an airbag from a used car part resource.

Upon impact, the inflators exploded, sending pieces of metal into her neck.  After weeks in the hospital, Karina Dorado’s continues to deal with damage to her throat and voice.  She will most probably require speech therapy.  Imagine her sense of betrayal and surprise.  You see, her model car wasn’t even on the recall list.  But the Honda airbag used to repair her car came from a model on the airbag recall list.

Your Safety Take-Away for Today

Hundreds of people have been injured with the Takata airbags.  Metts Legal dedicates this blog to the hope that there will not be hundreds more hurt by airbags that were supposed to keep them safe.  So, we ask you, if you read this article, mention the air bag safety issue to your friends and neighbors.  We deplore the fact that, to this date, only 8 million of the bad airbags have been repaired and replaced due to the recall.

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