Scales of Justice in Balance With Blessings and Holiday Joy

Scales have long been the symbol of justice, equality and a balanced legal system.  Specifically, the scales symbolize “the impartial deliberation or “weighing,” of two sides in a legal dispute.”

We honor the balanced and level scales in this, our Holiday blog, designed as a gift and greeting for our friends and readers.

The scales at Metts Legal help you balance your physical versus monetary values.

Home and Family Values.

Scales in Balance:  Symbol of the Season

Thus, we offer you our gift of symbolic holiday scales of justice.  In honor of the season, we balance them on one side with warm wishes of gratitude.  On the other side, we fill your plate with wishes that the season brings you health, prosperity and peace.

The Story of the Scales:  For Your Holiday Inspiration

The scales measure your personal and family treasures.

We Safeguard you, our most prized Treasures.

In this spirit, we offer you our appreciation and good will for all you have done to bring us courage and heart over the past days, months or years.

So we bring you the story of the scales, which is not Greek or even Roman.  Yes, Justia or Lady Justice, the goddess-like woman who holds the scales and the punishing sword of justice, comes to us from the ancient Romans.  However, we must thank the ancient Egyptian culture for the additional symbol of the scales.  It represents “the weighing of evidence.”

It was referenced in the ancient “Egyptian myth of the Weighing of the Heart.  In Ancient Egyptian culture, Maat was the goddess of truth, justice and order.  When someone died, it was believed that their heart was weighed by the god Anubis against the feather that Maat always wore in her hair, an ostrich feather representing truth and justice.”

On the Scales at Metts Legal

We truly believe it doesn’t matter how much material wealth we assemble in our lives.  Here at Metts Legal, we find our value, legacy and wealth in the many lives we touch, and in the wrongs we right.  There is no way to balance the scales with these concepts with gold and silver riches.

In researching a nice quotation to capture the quality of what we do at Metts Legal, we found the words of Abraham Lincoln.  And on the surface they seem to be against the life mission of most personal injury lawyers.

Lincoln Balances the Scales of Justice – Oddly

Christmas brings the warmth of Family and Friends.

He stated, “Discourage litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.”  And he added, “As a peacemaker, the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man.  There will still be business enough.”

It is true that as long as there are storms like Harvey and Irma, there will be “business enough.”  However, we also believe that as “peacemakers” sometimes litigation is the only way to balance the scales of righteousness. Thus we are encouraged to continue our roll as your champions in life. If someone hurts you through their own carelessness, Metts Legal prepares you to stand up for yourself.

So we genuinely hope your circumstances will never force you to seek our services.  However, we are here for you if you need a champion.  We await your call if you are harmed by someone’s neglect or carelessness.

Of all the gifts of the Season, the finest one under our tree at Metts Legal is your friendship as we head into 2018.  So, we close with hearty greetings of the season.

From our hearts to yours, please enjoy the warmth of family and friends during your Happiest of Holidays.  As we approach our holidays, we of Metts Legal believe there could be no better time to recognize the friends, clients and supporters who have made our success possible.

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