Derek L. Metts, Esquire


Derek Metts founded the firm alone in 2015. He acts today as President and Lead Trial Attorney. He attended high school in Rhode Island, before attending College at California State University, Sacramento. Here, Derek made the Dean’s List in 2004 and 2005 and ultimately earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government.

After graduating from college, Derek began attending Law School at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. Derek excelled academically, receiving the American Jurisprudence Award in the subjects of Torts, Evidence and Wills & Trusts. He ultimately graduated Cum Laude and in the top 10% of his class.

Derek was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2010. He then began working for a large law firm where Derek represented mortgage companies dealing with residential loan transactions. In 2011, Derek began working for one of the largest insurance defense firms in Florida. Here, Derek was retained by some of the biggest insurance companies in the country to defend insurance and personal injury litigation. This experience has given him extensive insight into the insurance companies' defense strategies and tactics, allowing him to build strong cases for his clients' claims. He knows what insurance carriers can and cannot do to fight liability and can therefore raise your chances of successfully recovering your damages after an accident of any kind.

Derek’s main focus is to protect his clients' interests while recovering the full amount of their damages. Due to Derek’s knowledge of insurance company defense tactics, Derek strives to ensure that each client is treated fairly by the insurance carriers. These companies are large and have extensive resources they will gladly use to intimidate claimants and fight liability. Derek’s firm has the skill and knowledge to take on such large opponents and can win a fair payout regardless of what insurance carrier you are facing in your case.